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Welcome to Sacred Roots Hypnotherapy

Welcome to Sacred Roots Hypnotherapy

Welcome to Sacred Roots HypnotherapyWelcome to Sacred Roots HypnotherapyWelcome to Sacred Roots Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Explained



Hypnosis is a guided, focused meditation. The goal is to explore the connection between your conscious and unconscious minds as they responded to your environment. A hypnotherapist is a guide. You remain in control of the entire process. You will remember everything about our sessi


After getting to know a bit of your history and setting goals for your session, you will sit comfortably in a chair and relax. I will suggest imagery and use language that will induce a calm meditative state. 


As you enter this pleasant, meditative state, I will guide you to establish a safe and peaceful location. You will also identify with and augment your core strengths. These are anchors and will be useful to you long after our session is complete. 


Once previous patterns have been reviewed, we can move into deep healing work. Healing occurs from the release of anger and hurt, as well as the integration of parts of ourselves which may have been injured. You will emerge from hypnosis feeling renewed and energized. You will enjoy a calm sense of control in your life that you have never experienced.


Some situations might require more than one hypnotherapy session. You will leave with an audiotape of your session and some suggestions for the maintenance of our work. I am available by phone and email for all questions or conversations after our session. I am here to support your healing.